Monday, October 27, 2014

Welcome to our Development Blog!

Hello everyone! It has been a while without any updates and we feel bad about leaving you hanging like this... We have decided to put our in-house moments on this development blog so you know what is going on in our office. Some great news are coming and we want to share them with you!

Remember Nebula 44? Yes, it was closed. Yes, we know you liked it. But some things needs to be sacrificed so that better things could be created. We have started Nebula 44 because we wanted to create a good browser strategy game that we would play for a long time and game like that was not yet created. However, even though we were very ambitious, we have made many mistakes there as we were young and inexperienced. 

We have reached the age when we had to pay our bills and sitting at the office all day long working hard without making any money was not the way to deal with that. We had to change something and make ourselves to stand firmly. So we have founded a company and made many small mobile games to survive. We have also created Orborun – an action skill premium game that was very well reviewed but did not generate huge revenues...

We took part of GameFounders – the first gaming accelerator in Europe, worked ourselves through many different partners and strategies for our games and right now we feel back on track. We can live as a studio and we can pay our bills, it's time to get back to the real deal! We will always be the fans of space strategy and we are going to strike the mobile market with the strategy experience it is missing!

Are you bored with the mobile strategy games being only Clash of Clans and all of its clones? Can't find a game to play with your friends on the evenings? We know the feeling, we can not allow that to continue and we are preparing something to solve that!

It all started as taking notes and thinking about the mobile market strategy games situation. Later it was rolled out to the concept where we all talked how great it would be to play the strategy game that has this and that... We have wanted to create a mobile game where you could play a short (~15-30 mins) matches against computer or other players at any time, your teammates would be able to join the battle and help you in the middle of the game, of course there should be many spaceships, buildings, lasers and rockets! You should be also able to research different technologies and grow stronger day after day. All of this is just a talk without testing, so – we have bought this :)

A two boxes full of dices, marbles and other little things, a huge sheet of carton divided into galaxy sectors and a great imagination transforms all of this into playable paper prototype! It takes a lot of time to prepare, play and calculate all the things that should be done by computer but it is already fun to play! We have even tried multiplayer co-op vs. AI mode with this version and after a hard battle we managed to defeat the evil alien spawner warp-gate :)

Right now we are working full time to create the playable version for Android. We are doing good and we can already build some stuff in game. Server is working and things are getting done a lot faster this time. So stay tuned and be one of the first players to compete using your strategy skills.

While we do the development a lot of fun things happen in our office. We will try to share that with you so from now on you will get a taste of our life in this development blog.

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