Friday, March 13, 2015

Player vs player

Hey everybody,

It has been a while since the last post. After these couple of weeks we have quite a few new things for you. First of all, we are proud to introduce you to one of the biggest additions to our game – Player vs. Player option. From now on you can not only try your fighting skills against computer but also have deadly clash with real life opponents. A live opponent always makes the matches more challenging and exciting. Now you are able to invite your friends and have a chance to sort out your differences in a battle against each other in virtual space.

 The second biggest change is graphics. This time our design team worked really hard to make the visuals really stand out. These close-up shots of planets show you that our team is taking care of every little detail in game to make the best of what we can just for your pleasure of playing. Also if you remember from previous blog posts, planets were able to give you a proper amount of resources in order to prepare you for a battle. However, there are now few different planets sizes and types. Bigger ones have more resources while smaller ones have less. Smaller planets will deplete faster and this might bring you into a difficult position. You will get a chance to redeem yourself by consuming the planet that belongs to you. We have to warn you that you won’t extract all the resources that belong to planet but you will get big chunk of it. If you play your cards right, it might be just enough for you to get back into the game. 

Furthermore, some few small changes were made during these past few weeks:
Previously the player was able to call in spacecrafts and attack enemy right away. However now you will have to be more patient, because every battleship (except scouts) laser towers and warp linkers will be built in one or two turns. You don’t want to leave your base undefended so always be prepared for possible foe invasion.

 We also have changed the cap of population. This change enables the player to control more planets and build stronger and bigger spacecraft fleets.

Also previously you could easily move from one target to another or go straight to your enemy’s base without much struggle. Now maps are filled with asteroids, which are a hindrance for your warp linkers. Asteroids block the view for your spacecrafts as well, making your spaceships to take longer trips to their destinations. However, asteroids can also be used for surprise attacks. Now you have a chance to sneak on your opponent unnoticed and destroy his fleet without him even realizing what just happened. 

Another new addition to the game is space stations. If you want to call out more spaceships, get more resources or just have an option to do more tactical moves you want to get more action points. In that case space stations are your main target, because every single time when you conquer one, you get an additional action point. And at the same time you will make your opponent to struggle more by stealing a space station right under his nose.

And finally, we would like to share a short video of player vs. player match. You can see how much the graphics of the game have changed and see new additions - asteroids and a space station as well.


Big announcement is right around the corner. So stay tuned for more news!