Thursday, November 13, 2014

WIP: improving visuals

Hello everyone!

It is time to show you how our work is quickly becoming a visually nice prototype. Remember our strategy game idea? Two weeks ago we had a grid with some flying shapes which looked like this.

Programmer art, FTW!

Our team has worked hard these two weeks and right now we already have spaceships, laser towers, special effects, explosions and working game prototype where you can annihilate some enemies! Here are some screenshots from what we already have.

Feel free to leave your feedback and if you like it - subscribe and be the first one to try public beta!


  1. The graphics looks nice, the ability to change view would be cool.
    It kinda looks like battleships except you can move you units.

  2. Thanks! We are already implementing zoom / angle change features :) stay tuned and you might see a demo video soon!