Monday, December 15, 2014

Some gameplay videos

Hey everyone!

While we are building core features in our new game I will share some moments from it. So here it is - first gameplay video with some colonization, movement, combat and explosions. It has some bugs and visual glitches but you can already see in-game action!

These dark figures represent an evil alien race. It is controlled by computer (using artificial intelligence) so sometimes it is hard to tell how will computer act... One of the enemy units, currently named "Fortress", is just doing something weird. Not only I can hardly tell what is it going to do I'm also having troubles fighting it as it is completely not following the rules (as you will see in this short video). Developers told me that this should not happen so I guess "Fortress" will get a lesson on how to behave ;)

The visuals and gameplay is changing while I'm typing these lines so I will update you with the fresh info soon. Stay tuned, space commanders!

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