Monday, February 2, 2015

Few new suprises in renewed gameplay

Hello everybody!

If you remember the latest videos and how the game looked back then, you will be pleasantly surprised by many changes we have done during this month. We want to show you how we managed to improve our new game.

The biggest change in the game is the design. You can see how much the battleships have changed. Now enemy spaceships have clearer figures. And of course, we cannot forget to mention how much we have changed the main player ships too. The quality of graphics right now looks absolutely amazing!

And for your convenience all the most important things like units and buttons for spaceships, towers are put on the bottom of screen while resources and population are on top of screen. 

If you wonder what population is then let me introduce you the brand new change in our game. Now spaceships and extractors not only require resources but also some population in order to be built. Population is a limited resource and for now you only have 18 of it (you will be able to unlock population boosting buildings later in game). So you will have to work on your strategy. After all you don’t want to reach your limits and have no chance to call out more battleships when enemy army is attacking you. If you will use them wisely you won’t have any problems dealing with aliens.

Other change in game is that warp linkers and laser towers built themselves within one move instead of two. This helps to shield your base faster and prepare for the next possible enemy move.

Above every friendly unit you can see an indicator with swords. It shows you how many times the unit can attack in one turn. Laser towers are especially good in defending your base, because they have as many attacks in one turn as your strongest battleships. So if your base is attacked by enemies, within just one turn (of course if you have enough resources) you can protect yourself easily. 

After some strategic moves and attacks you will be able to find the enemy base, which you will have to destroy. Because of that within time you will get more and more units, so you could have better chances to be able to stand up against the army of your enemy.
If you have no will or wish to have deadly battle with ships you can always choose other way to reach the victory. There are three objectives to win the game: gathering enough victory points, destroying enemy bases or collecting enough resources. You will accomplish the mission if at least one objective is met.

If that won’t steal your hearts now, then we will have even more surprises and news coming up soon!
The team has cool ideas and thoughts under their sleeves for you so stay tuned and keep following our news.

And just for you we share a short video of improved gameplay. Enjoy!

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